More specific details about the Apartment


The Electricity supply fuse box is immediately to the left of the front door behind a plastic panel. Switches must be put into the ‘up’ position to obtain supply. The supply is 240 volts, any dual voltage appliances should be used on 240 volts. Two pin adapter plugs are available in the local shops if required. There will be adapters in the apartment for your use, all the electrical items in the apartment are fitted with Spanish two pin plugs, so an adapter is not required.

The hot water is supplied by an immersion heater, and should be kept on constantly. The switch is incorporated with the shaver socket in the bathroom, a light indicates on/off.


There are no longer any gas appliances in the apartment. Our new hob & grill/microwave/oven are electric.

Cooker Extractor

The Cooker Extractor fan and Hob Light are operated by the wall switch immediately to the left of the hob.

Washing Machine

The washing machine is operated as follows:-

1 Set control to number 3 and 30º/40º - please turn programme knob clockwise only.

2 Select half or full load, load machine and close the door

3 Insert Washing Powder and Conditioner. Powder going in the centre section. Conditioner in the left hand section.

4 Pull programme knob out to start.

5 When finished, push the programme knob in, ensure that the water has drained, and wait for a few minutes, as there is a time delay before the door will open.

NB. The spin mechanism is very noisy, therefore please do not use the washing machine at night, as it will disturb yourselves and other residents.

Household Products

The cupboard under the sink is stocked with household products. If you use any of the stock, please replace it. Eg. Washing Powder, Conditioner, Washing Up Liquid.


Please don’t spoil your holiday by blocking the toilet and drains with disposable nappies, towels or tampons etc. The pipes in Menorca are narrower than at home and cannot cope with these items, which should be double wrapped and disposed of with the household rubbish.


Please collect daily rubbish in supermarket carrier bags or small black bin bag, and clear from the apartment daily, to maintain high standards of hygiene. Fly’s, ants and rats will be attracted by rubbish left lying around. Tie bags securely and deposit each day in the road side skips, not the small litter bins within the apartment complex. Rubbish is collected every evening/night and can be a rather noisy process, but this is compensated with a clean resort.


The bed linen, towels and tea towels will be changed weekly (Thursday) if you are staying for two weeks or more. If this is not done please contact the Aremaser office.

Television, DVD Player and Sky Decoder

The Television, DVD and Sky Decoder are in the apartment for your use. A card is provided which allows you to watch a couple of English channels (ITV) as well as some free satellite channels.

Apartment Care

I am sure that you will take as much care of our holiday apartment, as you would your own home, however, should any accidents occur please inform Aremaser as soon as possible, and if appropriate to me when you return home. Please note the following points:-

1) Doors, windows and shutters should be secured when open or closed, as sudden gusts of wind may cause damage. Remember to lock up securely before going out and going to bed - please do not leave the patio doors open in the lounge either when the apartment is not occupied or you are in bed.

2) Please do not use the furniture and beds when you are wearing wet swimming clothes or sun tan oil/cream.

3) Please use the cutting boards provided to avoid damage to the marble or wooden surfaces.

4) You will find locked cupboards and a chest in the apartment. Please respect these, as they are used by us for storing personal belongings for use when we occupy the apartment.

5) Humidity, rain and wind can arrive unexpectedly, especially at night. Please ensure that nothing is left out on the balcony which could be damaged. Eg. cushions, linen, pine furniture.

6) Mattress protectors are provided under the sheets, plastic ones can be supplied on request.

7) Please do not remove the battery from the smoke detector in the kitchen.

8) If food is left out, especially items which contain sugar, ants will be in the apartment within minutes - hundreds of them!! Please keep all food sealed in the cupboard or in the fridge.

9) If you lock yourself out of the apartment Aremaser do have a spare key, but please return to them after use.